Best of Oikodrom

Oikodrom put together a paper of all publications released in the last 20 years. The publication consists of articles, films and project descriptions. 


Best of Oikodrom


Mulierem Fortem

Join our Mulierem fortem discussion on January 27th, 2014, at the University Vienna. See the programme and read about the project. More


Publication: "Gemeinsam für nachhaltige Entwicklung"

We proudly announce that the reports of our interns Laura Liebel and Florian Kabinger were printed in the OeAD publication "Gemeinsam für nachhaltige Entwicklung". For orders please visit: StudienVerlag.

More information see Young Science at Oikodrom and Nopoor project.


Mulierem Fortem

Join our Round table on January 15th, 5pm, Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien, and our Discussion on January 27th, 7pm, Universität Wien, to talk about science, art and gender during the Vienna University´s 650 jubilee in 2015. Read more


Nopoor in the Austrian magazine SUEDWIND

Read the article "Armut im Fokus" (Ivanceanu/ Tagesen) about challenges and potentialities of communication between science and politics.



Our online TV presents art works, performances, public lectures and artistic videos from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Watch SPACESTV


Come to Berlin and see: Every 7th person

The Konfuzius-Institut in Berlin invites to a documentary series on China. "Jeder siebte Mensch" / "Every 7th person" (see the trailer) by Ina Ivanceanu will be screened on Thursday, November 28th 2013 at 6pm. More


nopoor in the Austrian newspaper "Der Standard"

About nopoor - A common way to a new under- standing of poverty and strategies for dissemination of scientific results. Read the article


nopoor in the Austrian newspaper "Wiener Zeitung"

Heidi Dumreicher was invited to write a guest commentary: "Proteste in Brazilien - eine Fortsetzung des Kampfs gegen Armut"


Gemeinsam für nachhaltige Entwicklung - The future we want

Oikodrom was again happy to welcome eight students in the age of 16-18 to one month of science, theory, research, practice and discussion. Read more


Hot off the press:

Read the SPACES Article "Der Traum vom Raum" by Ina Ivanceanu, published in the SUEDWIND Magazine Nr. 7-8 July 2013


nopoor Conference Flash, Rio de Janeiro, June 2013

Protests in Brazil: Successes and failures in national efforts to fight poverty in Brazil



nopoor project annual meeting

10-12 June 2013

in Rio de Janeiro



SPACES: „Architecture of Common“

SPACES Caravan Ukraine; Kyiv
May 23 - May 28, 2013

Public events, discussions, workshops at Yunist factory



OUT NOW: Hammam Rehablitiation Reader


Projects and Research Grants



Oikodrom leads the ADA project Zukunftskarawane (future caravan). The project aims to explore new ways to discuss and promote the Sustainable Development Goals/ Agenda 2030 with dwellers living in Austrian cities and communities through artistic interventions.

Project funded by the Austrian Development Agency.


Oikodrom is partner of the Interreg project DANUrB - Danube Urban Brand - which aims to strenghten the Danube regional cultural identity by fostering transnational cultural ties between the settlements along the Danube, and by exploring the unused or hidden cultural and social capital resources for a better economic and cultural return.

Project co-funded by the European Union (ERDF and IPA II funds)

Coordinator: BME - Budapest University of Technology and Economics







Oikodrom is partner of the EU- project NO POOR which aims to build new knowledge on the nature and extent of poverty in developing countries to provide policymakers with a broader understanding of poverty.

EU - Seventh framework programme, funded by the European Union

SSH.2011.4.1-1. Tackling poverty in a development context

Coordinator: IRD, France






Oikodrom is initiator and coordinator of the EuroEast Culture project SPACES – Sustainable Public Areas for Culture in Eastern Countries. SPACES promotes artistic and cultural action in public space and the recuperation of public spaces for art, culture and urban dwellers.

EU - EuroEast Culture: Eastern Partnership Culture Program, funded by the European Union

ENPI / Cris Contract 2011/256804







Oikodrom is partner of the EU project MIGRAPASS is proposing a portfolio and a collaborative training which allows migrants to express their experience and value their competences.

EU - Education and Culture, funded by the European Comission

Leonardo da Vinci - Vocational Education and Training


Coordinator: IRIV - Institute for Research and Information on Volunteerin, France






Oikodrom is initiator and coordinator of the EuropeAid project HAMMAMED. The aim of HAMMAMED is to raise awareness for the hammam as a common cultural heritage in the Mediterranean area and beyond.

EU - EuropeAid/126266/C/ACT/RMD, funded by the European Union
Contract 2008/150-443, 2009 - 2011







Oikodrom is partner of VA2EL, the EU-project „Valuing Education and Experience for Local Councillors in Europe“, that will propose a portfolio for local councillors available through Internet (e-portfolio) to help identifying and value specific skills and competences acquired.

EU - Education and Culture, funded by the European Comission

Leonardo da Vinci Programme

LLP-LdV-TOI-2008-FR-117006, 2008 - 2010

Coordinator: INDL - Institute National du Développement Local, France



Oikodrom Large Research Grants (Projects)




Initiator, Scientific and administrative coordinator for the INCO Project "HAMMAM, Aspects and Multidisciplinary Methods of Analysis for the Mediterranean Region",  FP6-2003-INCO-MPC-2 Nr 517




Initiator and scientific coordinator for the EU-Chian Project "SUCCESS - Sustainable Users Concepts for China, Engaging Scientific Scenarios",
FP5, INCODEV A 4, ICA 4-CT-2002-10007
2000-2005 From Information to Knowledge; Seven theses of Sustainability (grants by Austrian bm:bwk)



An Urban Project of Sustainability: City as a Hill, a sustainable city implantation for the Vienna Westbahnhof area, three studies together with Richard S. Levine (grant by the City of Vienna)

Oikodrom Other Research Grants


2013            AbWarten und Gestalten: Place-making strategies of migrants in Vienna 

2012            TwitPic - Inszenierung im öffentlichen Raum: political use of public space in Vienna                        - "Wiener Heldenplatz" 

2008-2010   Mappamundi (Bady Minck), Scientific advisory

2000-2008   In the Beginning was the Eye (Bady Minck), Scientific advisory



ORGANIC - Organic Agriculture Saving Nature in China, on behalf of the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology

2006-2007 Polytope Plätze in Wien (Polytope Places), on behalf of the City of Vienna
2002-2003 SUCCESS Pilot, on behalf of the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research Vienna
2002-2003 Symphonie einer Großstadt, Stadt Wien, 2002,2003
2001-2002 [mitanaund] (Alltogether), Evaluation des Waldviertelfestivals 2001, Amt der Niederösterreichischen Landesregierung, Vienna
2000-2003 From Information to Knowledge, KLF on behalf of the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research, Vienna



Thesen zur Qualität der Stadt (Theses of Urban Sustainability), Vienna, on behalf of the City of Vienna, MA 18
2000 Zeiten der Stadt, Vienna, on behalf of the City of Vienna, MA 18



Ein Urbanes Nachhaltigkeitsprojekt (An Urban Project of Sustainability), on behalf of the City of Vienna, Ministry of Science and Research, Ministry of Agriculture and the Province of Lower Austria, EU-EFRE



Nachhaltiger Stadthügel / Volkswirtschaftliche Studie, on behalf of the Austrian National Bank, Jubiläumsfonds, 1996/97
1996 Die Dreidimensionale Stadt (The Three-Dimensional City), Vienna, on behalf of the City of Vienna
1995 Der Nachhaltige Stadthügel (The Sustainable Hilltown), Vienna, on behalf of the City of Vienna

Participatory Projects


2008             Step by Step - Migration, Sustainability und Participation



Schätze in der Nachbarschaft - Nachbarschaft schätzen (Treasures in the Neighbourhood - the Value of the Neighbourhood), on behalf of the City of Vienna

2003-2004     Frauenleben im 15. Bezirk (Life of Women in the 15th district of Vienna), on behalf of the City of Vienna



Mikulov - Perspektiven einer Stadt, Ein grenzüberschreitender Austausch, Vienna-Mikulov, Austria/Czech Republic
1999-2000 Grenzfahrt Devin Mikulov, Czech Republic, (Interreg)
1999 Mosaik des Alltags, Slavonice, Czech Republic (Interreg)

Transdisciplinary Arts Events (and Research Projects






Local community work in the 15th district of Vienna:

- City Life Events, Women's Life and Neighbourhood project
- Wasserweltfest: Organisation of the yearly Waterworld Festival in Vienna 15 together with neighbourhood institutions

1999-2002 Sustainability crosses over the border to Slavonice and Mikulov (Austria and CZ)
1994-1997 Oikodrom am LiDo, arts festival in Vienna