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The problem with John Wall due to contract Adidas, so J Wall 2 does not appear in the 2016 Adidas Black History Month series. But although did not appear, but Adidas or J Wall 2 to create a black color month. Inspired by the famous black athlete Jesse Owens, platinum based colors, and 733 number hot stamping (iconic player number printed on the tongue and in the shoe pad printed 1936 numbers and patterns in 1936 to participate in the Olympic Games in Berlin will be scored four gold medals), shoe styles has officially on sale, interested may wish to focus. welcomed the attention get (WeChat search micro signal getdunkhome), every day there is an unexpected surprise oh! Source: Sneaker PoliticsNike Lunar Hyperdunk + variety of team colors now available 2013-12-08 22:32:48 Although the Nike iD Nike Lunar Hyperdunk + has opened a customized service, but still continue to offer a variety of Nike Basketball team color version Nike Lunar Hyperdunk + constantly enrich its ranks continue to shape. Several new color to NBA and NCAA team color for the design basis, the number of team color elements into this 2012 Nike Basketball's new masterpiece which, I believe there is always a right for you. At present, these new color shoes all on sale now, like friends do not hesitate. to a group of mice were randomly divided into two groups, a and B and told a breeder, this group of rats are very clever, and tell B breeder, this group of mice with general intelligence, a few months later, the mice in the two groups of maze test, found that a mouse can walk out of the maze and find food. and then randomly walked into a school, several random circle of students, tell the teacher, the students' intelligence, a few months later, the circle of the students really among the best. when the Bulls Dynasty founders behind Klaus stepped down after, people on Young's successor, John & middot. Paxson doubts, he was able to reproduce the 90's most successful team's brilliant? Paxson's own heart in Ta, but the Bulls owner firmly "John is a winner, he know what championship teams need, so I took the team to give him," the next three years, a strong bull progress, after a lapse of several years to return to the playoffs. This is bull bosses believe of Rosenthal Effect results, as victor Paxson's office at the beginning of the began to "use the winner team" philosophy and Kirk Hinrich 2003 led the University of Kansas reached the NCAA finals, this & middot; main Gordon 2004 NCAA champion University of Connecticut, Rol jordans for sale le & middot; Deng he Duhon Duke in 2001 into the NCAA final, Nocioni 2004 Olympic Games will gold medal in the men's basketball team, the & middot; Wallace 2004 NBA championship, NOAA - 2006, 2007 NCAA champions, 2007 mop, Derek & middot; Ross 2008 NCAA final some of these players are not the best in the draft, the best known, but they are successful, or very early to believe that they are successful. Some people say that success is a habit, and when this batch of the success as habits of young people gathered in a hall of the Bulls immediately began to benign operation - and this is from the side proved a good environment for the importance of the rookies, is not only the physical environment, psychological. attention more sneakers related information, as in the slam dunk, welcomed the public subscription number, micro channel search DUNKHOME and subscribe to the surprise and daily guess shoes to play the game, beauty and your various interactive Oh! Micro-blog search dunk home, understand the latest information and all kinds of basketball. Source: slam magazineis a response to Martin Ruud King memorial day and the February Black History Month (BHM), Jordan Brand this year to commemorate the earlier version of the design has been officially unveiled, there are Air Jordan XXXI, Melo M13, CP3.X, Super.Fly 5 PO and Extra.Fly five pair of boots, and the ball flying family stars will continue to race out of use in the near future in the league this year, Nike and Jordan Brand are all black line, uniform color as a symbol of all races between each other without discrimination, regardless of you and me and the spirit of peace. It is reported that this series of players for the endorsement of players produced version, there is no plan to sell. source: Sneaker NewsNike Air Max Zero version of the original artwork of white and yellow color of Taiwan will offer 3/27, NT$price 4500 yuan, we all prospecting shoe currently has announced the sale to organize dealers to stay in the Facebook, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. Momentum source: Sneaker PoliticsNike KD What The KD "6" completely asymmetric right and left foot were rip KD VI versions of 35 kinds of design elements to create, in order to commemorate the passing of the aunt and the launch of the Aunt Pearl, with the most love to eat the food as the inspiration for the Peanut Butter& Jelly, the childhood wish to become a weatherman the dream is converted to Meteorology color to cheap jordans for sale commemorate the table, What The KD 6 fancy gorgeous appearance hidden lady Kevin Durant childhood since the growth experience, worthy of our exploration of shoe savor. Nike KD 6 "What The KD" is available this weekend, model 669809-500. source: sneakerpoliticsReebok Question this moment in the global recovery of white and red quantity are not many, even in many areas like Taiwan, no sale, but this does not affect the change of shoes artists hands-on determination, of course that experts have a shot there, if it wants to change will certainly make it completely, therefore also recently exposed the shoe ring snake in the international version of the Question Mid to get a good evaluation, you feel that there is no exploration shoe launched the snake version of the shoes, which are suitable for such a transformation? source: SNEAKER NEWS" Nike played tricks' 12 promotion players pay a summer of hard work and sweat, after two rounds of selection, August 16th embarked on a decisive battle battlefield Wukesong basketball park. They face the all star team, which is composed of the best street basketball players in china. in Beijing's 10 day training session, the 12 player's most important task is the team running in and out the necessary tactics and overall defense. Captain Wu Songyu said after the game, after 10 days of training, originally from all over the country, never with the teammates, team spirit has to play 100 minutes. Nike 'team played tricks' in the first half was 17 points behind, spare no effort to catch up in the third quarter, once the score is 39 draw, although the final 49 than 57 defeated, but they fully demonstrated in the "play tricks" activities to learn the technology, tactics and team spirit. For these basketball loving players, the game is not the end of the "trick" campaign, but a new starting point in the game. According to the player training and competition performance by competitors, coaches, teammates selected 'played tricks' final three MVP, respectively, 7 Huang Lvyao (Hongkong), Li Guanyang (Shijiazhuang Chinese) No. 10 and No. 27 Wu Songyu (Taiwan Yunlin). The three MVP will also travel to Spain to attend the Nike international basketball Carnival from September 5th to September 7th in Ba Theron Na. Li Guanyang from the Xi'an Technological University is playing centre forward from the young forwards for the team's needs. He found a sense of attack in the second half, scoring repeatedly in the interior and driving the team back together with Wu Cheap air jordans for sale Songyu. Through this "play tricks", Li Guanyang believed he had two big harvest, is to get the Kobe and one-on-one opportunities in Shanghai lucky, greatly increased the confidence; two is to see many previously did not come into contact with training methods, skills have improved. was a member of the Hongkong youth team in Yaqing Sai Huang Lvyao, in the "play tricks" activities back to the basketball loving feeling, burning enthusiasm for training coaches encouragement in weight. But he said that getting MVP wasn't the pinnacle of his love, and that he would continue to play tricks for the professional league. Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low finally boarded the Nike iD, has been able to design its own uppers of flyknit colors, and may match a similar version of the previous version of HTM. Kobe 9 Elite Low iD has been purchased on the, priced at $245, but there is no NikeiD service in Taiwan, like friends may have to spend more time. source: SolecollectorAnthony Davis is slowly becoming a mainstay of the new generation of American teams, unlike the former force based interior players, who have more nimble skills to dominate the penalty area. Anthony and Davis in the United States during the team training for our first exposure Nike Hyperposite 2 "USA", although the official name has not yet been determined, but it seems that the original design of the Posite material is empty basket shaped more from the appearance, on the one hand to reduce the weight, on the one hand through the rhombi to construct upper support. The original full sole Max air cushion, also known as the Zoom Max, is expected to provide a better buffer effect for large players. Although ? Rose I haven't arrived in return? Adidas Rose 3 challenge, but still continue to launch new signature shoe shoe fan meet all the needs, in addition to the 3.5 version of the upgrade version of another paragraph is the low version, today also released two color pictures for more clearly we are appreciate? "Lakeshore Drive" and "The Chi" color? Color, in addition to retain the advantages of the low version of the high technology has not shrunk people quite looking forward to the actual performance after the listing. source: sneakernews?Is still upset about Air Max Day not buying Nike Air VaporMax that day? That's OK, because there are three new colors that are going to be on sale in the near future. The air cushion hit the concept of innovation, Nike Air VaporMax Air Max was the official debut in 30th anniversary, the fr cheap foamposites esh shoes also caused the market attention and curiosity, from the first wave of three colors (black, white, white and red) to see the sales response, can be said to have a series of haocaitou. Now open the dark grey (Dark Grey), ash (Wolf Grey), blue (White Blue) three Air VaporMax, want to experience the innovation type air cushion friends have more choices. It is worth mentioning that, the debut of the three colors, it is learned that there are women's size, in which the white and blue more women exclusive color matching. The Nike Air VaporMax series are priced at $190, the foreign date of sale may refer to the pictures below. If there is any news in Taiwan, we will share it with you. Nike Air VaporMax 'Dark Grey' / release date: 2017.4.27 Nike Air VaporMax 'Wolf Grey' / release date: 2017.5.4 Nike Air VaporMax 'White Blue' / release date: 2017 Summer source: Sneaker NewsStephen Curry and Seth NBA respectively in the Curry brothers today although the effectiveness of different teams, they have the same basketball gene inherited his father Dell Curry, on the pitch by projection techniques well known. Today the warriors at Dallas small teams, two people once again in the field of positive Under Armour also meet, especially for the "brothers duel" made the drama group called 'Family Business' Curry 3 high and low barrel player version, laminated shoe body design more into ink dot rich details. And equipped with translucent outsole, blue look at exactly the same time echo Curry brothers shirt. Today the two of them are also the high and low two cylinder Curry debut, it is reported that this is the brand for their special styles made the size were US 12.5 and US 12, there is no foreign sales plan. the interesting details in the insole printed in the word "SHOTGUN" and the automobile safety belt pattern, symbolizing the two childhood home after school, follow father to go to the game time, out in front of the brotherhood of Curry one on one game in the backyard, the winning party can sit on the side the driver's seat position. This story from the early days of the west of the idiom "I" m Calling Shotgun ", the early because of poor law and order, take the carriage passenger seat of the people will hold in self defense or protection and companion, this statement, Under Armour to commemorate this childhood. source: Nice, Kicks / Slam, Kicks / Danny, Bollinger/NBAE,, via, Getty, Images hey, actually small after visiting Flight Team, also ran in mysterious activities, many people may cheap air jordans online have heard Nike Kikcs Lounge invited parties held shoes lovers, each admission qualifications are different, this survey recruited three star shoe to help fans, I think the theme is obvious, is the three players in the activities to introduce active boots. is often due to the venue will sit for mobile traffic tools, so set it in front of the building 101, a start is not to think too much, to set the location, staff with a large group of placards... Hey... Go inside the building? before being taken to the elevator, though it has been guessed which side may be taken to the side, or in the excitement of a little uneasy, after all, this is not an ordinary place of activity! all the way to the 91 floor, this thought it was a dream in the three double Jordan Brand star endorsement paragraph greeted after determining is true, the Kicks Lounge Flight School the flight school will take you flying in the clouds to class! The Flight Tour visited the city including Taipei City believe that many Taiwan fans very happy, on Saturday at the Summer Nights performances you must remember, however Flight School faculty is strong but not to lose the match! site using Blackboard display three pairs of shoes, and the shoe side through the survey raised by the collection, and the main unit before the commencement of class to present Taiwan T as everyone's uniform, this is probably a full survey of Taiwan shoe to classroom with the most love uniforms... XD hosts dressed up as flying officer and coach, bringing the atmosphere to a climax, giving Flight School a buzz without classes. Nike but always have a product, Jordan Greater China director of the incarnation of the instructors to lecturer, with a strong trapeze signs, helmet mounted in the opening stage, he relaxed, humorous, the official Flight School kicked off. This course focuses on the Super.Fly 2 X, because the other two stars of the new Melo M9 and CP3.VI AE are available for some time, while the Super.Fly 2 X has not only inherited from AJ XX8 FlightPlate, according to the outdoor basketball design using XDR wear resistant rubber outsole and deep cut, often for outdoor basketball in Taiwan is a very practical design, no wonder everyone listened very attentively, especially the lecturer secret weapon decomposition of ring, it is rare to see the anatomy of shoes eyes light up, can be seen in figure FlightPlate is a monolithic structure, at the same time as beforeAir Jordan "CNY" Pack in Taiwan on January 7th and will be in a specific s Cheap jordans online tore selling point, Air Jordan XXXI Air Jordan 12 price 6900 yuan, the price of 6300 yuan Retro, Air Jordan 12 Retro GG price of 4950 yuan, we as members of prospecting shoe dealer consolidation currently has announced to sell links in Facebook, the actual sale mode please refer to the store location mechanism and transaction announcement. The shoes sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. Jordan 16 Songgao Reagan - Far East department store Reagen sports supplies a Heng Sports Goods Co., Fucheng source: Sneaker News / JordanNike Air Zoom KD9 reflects the progress of the game, but also represents the evolution trend of basketball shoes. In order to Kevin Durant and the versatility of amazing pitch coverage (game running distance of nearly 6.4 km, a season to run 15 marathons), KD9 is equipped with advanced Nike Flyknit structure and Zoom Air, according to the basketball movement needs to provide support, comfort and feedback. This is the trajectory of Nike Air Zoom KD9 will be designated retail outlets in Greater China as well as on June 30th, with a range of sizes ranging from children's edition to adult shoes. has a strong line in the upper 8 Crazy don't sense, Crazy 1 is full of sense of speed and a very elegant atmosphere, in the upper block printed on the white and gray green Totem by piecing together, is a very puzzling details, but also showed the fragmentation of the glacier scene. source: ONENESSNike Zoom Field General 2 is expected tomorrow foreign listed, the first wave of selling list Nike also announced 3 new color, low cylinder design to reduce weight and increase flexibility; design of seamless vamp vamp uses fuse and Flywire, lightweight and fit feet; sole use of the palm Zoom Air visible type air cushion, reducing player the training of the ground shock and increase the force feedback, reflective design vamp also let the shoes in a dark environment will have different changes, the foreign price of $170. Although is not popular in American football in Taiwan, so do not see the football shoes, but the upcoming Nike Zoom Field foreign General 2 appearance and overall configuration are Xiaobian Lenovo to LeBron series low shoes, football in the outbreak, turn, collision, straight sprint demand also are quite large, not inferior to basketball, so a pair of such a technology equipped with different training shoes, is also suitable for football player, Taiwan sold the chance is small if you need a friend can go to the foreign website search. source: SneakerNews buy shoes, size selection but a major problem, not only the various brands in the version are slightly different, even under the various series of shoes, the same size will also have the big small, and the necessary and corresponds to the foot, everyone's wearing habits it is strongly recommended that you perform exploration before purchase permission must personally try and decide, but there is always an exception, like some super popular shoes, sometimes even the shadow did not see after the sale, not to mention on this; in Canada Kicks Deals online site close for everyone to sort out Adidas Originals NMD series of some models with different size selection, upper material distinction, I do not know how to let consumers choose the size or not to try can be used as a reference, to avoid buying The shoes do not fit, but encountered dilemma. or half the original size source: Kicks Deals / adidasadidas Originals EQT Support 93/17 Royal Blue "brand new"Release date: has been offering price: $$210 will this pair of modern and integrated innovation of retro shoes, used in the design of white Primeknit making shoes, with white stripes and nylon three sideways heel support to enhance the stability, and then to a royal blue to make an ornament, finally with a thick white bottom in BOOST show. Nike Gakou Flyknit release date: 2017/8/24 price: undetermined Nike Nike Aqua Sock and Sock Racer gene combined with Gakou Flyknit to bring new Nike. at a glance at it and the earlier shoe design Nike Cortez Flyknit similar, but this pair of shoes is completely design and no lace socks. adidas Originals NMD City Sock 2 "Sashiko" release date: 2017/8/17 price: $$170 in Japanese traditional craft. "" thorn was inspired to build the Adidas Originals NMD CS2 "Sashiko" color, the upcoming official release. the CS2 to Primeknit folding overshoes Socks Black tone, and throughout the upper white lines is a tribute to "thorns." process, at the same time in the upper middle and medial joined the black lines as a decoration, finally equipped with white BOOST midsole and rubber outsole is translucent. Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi Flyknit release date: 2017/9/9 price: $180 to the iconic "Banned" color as a blueprint to vamp Flyknit comprehensive knitting, set more than more reserved Ganso Tim texture details. Nike marker tongue replaced by nylon material originally in leather; marking the golden "1985" digital pattern, Wings Logo and Swoosh logo insole, is also present in leather. Nike SF-AF1 High Velvet Brown "new color" release date: 2017/8/25 price: setThe original version of the SF-AF〉 high cylinder Jimmy · Butler (Jimmy Butler) in the course of the remarkable performance, the endorsement of the ULTRA FLY series has been widely recognized by everyone in the listing, JORDAN ULTRA and FLY 2 in the near future has started selling in various channels. This time, let's take a look at the ULTRA FLY 2 X with those improvements, ULTRA, FLY, unpacking, here, , Jimmy, · Butler on the foot JORDAN ULTRA FLY 2, while the first to introduce the country with XDR wear-resistant outsole JORDANULTRA FLY 2 X 914479-001 2017, 04, 01, 1099RMB uses black base gold label shoebox shoebox side shoes: JORDAN, ULTRA, FLY, 2, X shoebox bottom certificate and "Three Guarantees" shoe cover seal sneakers, top view, sneakers slant 45 sneakers left foot outside sneakers left foot inside heels, sneakers outsole The integration of coating uppers, toe positionThis perspective has no AIR JORDAN 9 shoes feel AIR JORDAN 9 RETRO shoelace hole dynamic shoelace loops that tighten up for wrapping from this angle, does the shoe collar and heel feel like AIR JORDAN 15? AIR JORDAN 15 RETRO shoes collar and heel design JUMPMAN LOGO at the shoe collarJUMPMAN LOGO at the heel of anti rollover design on the front sole of the foot, printed with ZOOM, indicating the use of the mitigation technology bottom wave design outsole uses XDR abrasion resistant rubber point using the back surface front increase friction, vaguely see JUMPMAN LOGOThe back lines are very close to KYRIE 3, the TPU support plate on the arch is printed with JORDAN followed by force with the same front back shaped lines by black insole, followed by red JUMPMAN blue insole back Guangdong Qingyuan guangshuo shoe factory, XC code insole under the midsole US 9.5/43 left foot weighs about 416.1 grams US 9.5/43 right foot weighs about1386819146909_720x450.jpg (147.51 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-12 11:57 upload 1386819101776_720x450.jpg (127.64 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-12 11:56 upload 1386819142154_720x450.jpg (116.2 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-12 upload 11:56 1386819152087_720x450.jpg (112.91 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-12 11:57 upload 1386819155680_720x450.jpg (101.76 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-12 11:57 upload 1386819160128_720x450.jpg (102.08 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-12 11:57 upload 1386819165009_720x450.jpg (149.15 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-12 11:57 upload Anthony, high school 00After several rounds of spy photos, Jordan brand by using the suede build Air Jordan 11 has finally released the complete real atlas. This kind of adhering to the classic contour design 11 Air Jordan, and the material quality suede shoe body making, finally equipped with white midsole and rubber outsole is translucent. item: 914433-003Price: pz54vkksvswk5lnp0kfc.jpg (59.83 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 11 Retro PRM Grey Suede figure beauty appreciation 2016-10-24 09:23 upload qauilds6dpihsscnwwuf.jpg (111.29 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 11 Retro PRM Grey Suede figure beauty appreciation 2016-10-24 09:26 upload pzbfmnvex1lp5u1zwdqh.jpg (104.48 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 11 Retro PRM Grey Suede figure beauty appreciation 2016-10-24 09:26 Air Jordan upload 11, aj11, Grey Suede, Tony 2016-10-24 on this topic by suede 09:27 in the 00 generationAdidas Originals recently launched a new 2012 autumn and winter AO Hook shoes, this shoe can be called "set one hundred," one long. Its overall shoe model uses the classic KAJ MID, the material on the choice of washing water, do the old suede suede material, integrated with SUPERSKATE elements, which give basketball shoes smell strong KAJ MID, strong street style. But in the end is using a Kuraishi favourite CAMPUS 80S sole, make whole shoe all-match more slender, white shoes inside zipper design is more increase in details. At the same time convenient for wearing. The color matching is a consistent clover low-key, solid color style, equipped with forest green and wine red double color options. The design of the upper hand is more suitable for autumn and winter wear. 2012-11-10 08:31 upload and download attachments (166.48 KB) 2012-11-10 08:31 upload download attachment (171.83, KB) 2012-11-10 08:31 upload download attachment (148.25, KB) 2012-11-10 08:31 upload download attachment (138.18, KB) because of the "old fish" Fisher wearing, let Nike Air Max Tempo in the minds of shoes fans quite famous, as early as the end of last year, launched a new two paragraph engraved color. shoes are presented in a dark blue color with black bottoms and white bottoms. or look at the shoes of the physical map, enjoy it. Nike Air Max Uptempo color: dark blue / White / black number: 311090-400