We are starting a new EU project: DANUrb - Danube Urban Brand

January 2017
Oikodrom is partner in the DANUrB project that builds up a regional network in the Danube through tourism and education to strengthen the Danube cultural identity and solidarity. We are now planning for the kick-off meeting in February in Budapest.
Find out more on: http://www.interreg-danube.eu/approved-projects/danurb


Out now: The Nopoor Film Collection on DVD

December 2016
Ina Ivanceanu‘s new films are now available on DVD. The film collection „The nopoor Diaries – Research for Change“ offers short films, animation clips, researchers‘ statements and a 50 minutes documentary film. The films blends researchers’ voices with life realities and grassroots perspectives in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It provides new insights on a quest as old as humankind: the fight for a world truly free of poverty and for a decent life for all.
Contact and screening requests: ina.ivanceanu@oikodrom.org

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Online now: New Film on Ghana

November 2016
Ghana has experienced one of the world most successful transitions to a multi party democracy. But how can the democratic institutions translate into well-being and prosperity of the citizens? An exploration to courtyards and villages and the house of parliament in Accra that blends grassroots perspectives with voices of researchers and national policy makers. 11 minutes, Twi and English/English Subtitles.With: E. Gyimah-Boadi, Regina Amanfo-Tetteh, Franklin Oduro / The Centre for Democratic Development, Ghana, Ester Ofei-Aboagye, Vice Chairman of the National Planning Commission of Ghana, Muntaka Mubarak Mohammed, Member of Parliament
Watch it online here


New Book: Nopoor - Towards a Decent and Fair Future

June 2016
Interested in poverty research? We published a new book on the Nopoor project. With 31 articles, it presents new research results and evidence-based policy recommendations against poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Editors: Heidi Dumreicher (Oikodrom) and Xavier Oudin (IRD). English, 136 pages, colour print.
Contact us for a print copy or read it online: http://nopoor.eu/news/nopoor-towards-decent-and-fair-future 


Article in „The Turn - Art Practices in Post-Spring Societies“

May 2016
We published the essay “Sustainability-oriented arts in the MENA region: Demand and impact of the arts in a post-revolutionary context” in the publication „The Turn“. Authors: Michael Anranter, Megan Barry and Heidi Dumreicher. 


Mediterranean Future

Heidi Dumreicher just came back from Constantine, Algeria. Together with Richard S. Levine she presented scenarios for a future role of the Hammam, the public bath house, for gender equality and for the decent life in Arab cities. The basis for the conference was built by the HAMMAMED project: http://www.oikodrom.org/euhammamed.


Nopoor Conference in Vienna

On January 18, 2016 OIKODROM, in cooperation with the BMWFW, organizes an international NOPOOR conference called "New Aspects of Global Strategies for Sustainability: From MDG to SDG", where the UN Sustainable Development Goals will be discussed in round tables meetings. More information: http://www.nopoor.eu/events/new-aspects-global-development-strategies-mdg-sdg.


Dr. Georg Grünberg wins Austrian Award for Development Research

Dr. Georg Grünberg, member of the OIKODROM Steering Committee, won the main prize at the Austrian Award for Development Research (Österreichischer Preis für Entwicklungsforschung), specially mentionning his cooperation with local institutions and NGOs in Latin America. More information: http://www.kef-research.at/.



"FREE SPACES" wins first price at ArchFilmLund

Dear friends,
We are happy to announce good news: this weekend our colleague, film maker Ina Ivanceanu, got the price for the best documentary film for her film “FREE SPACES” at the Lund International Architecture Film Festival. The film is inspired and based upon by the Oikodrom project SPACES: www.spacesproject.net.

More information: http://www.archfilmlund.se/.


Statement on Refugee Situation

Refugees Crises and EU Reaction - statement on the refugee situation from our nopoor partner


nopoor project in Vietnam

4th annual general meeting of research project nopoor in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Find information on the policy workshop here



"FREE SPACES" Premiere in Vietnam

Asian Premiere of the documentary film "FREE SPACES" by Ina Ivanceanu


Oikodrom at the European Development Days EDDs

Wednesday June 3, 2015

14:30 - 15:45

nopoor at EDDs

nopoor at a Glance


find nopoor also on:

Twitter: @project_nopoor

Facebook: nopoor


PraktikantInnenstelle frei!

Wir suchen ab sofort eine PraktikantIn zur Unterstützung bei einem Filmprojekt (Thema Armutsbekämpfung).

Bei Interesse bitte direkt Mail an ina.ivanceanu@oikodrom.org


Free Internship Place!
We are looking for an intership as of now who will assist us in a film project (fight against poverty).

Interested? Please contact ina.ivanceanu@oikodrom.org


Articles on Film FREE SPACES (in German language)

"Einfach mehr Demokratie wagen", ORF online, 24.04.2015 (or download PDF here)

Crossing Europe Filmfestival Magazine


World Premiere: FREE SPACES! April 24 and 25 in Linz, Austria

We are proud to announce the world premiere of the documentary film FREE SPACES, based on the SPACES project, at the film festival Crossing Europe in Linz, Austria!


Screenings on April 24 and 25, 2015. 

Find out more here


New Publication

A new article has been published by Heidi Dumreicher, Bettina Kolb, Richard S. Levine and Michael Anranter.


"Exploring Spaces of Possibilities for Arts, Culture, Public Space, and Civil Society: A Project in the Eastern Partnership Region"


Published at "The International Journal of Social, Political and Community Agendas in the Arts". 


Find out more here


Results of the SPACES Conference Vienna

Speakers from 12 countries and over 100 people joined our final SPACES Conference in Vienna. Thank you all for the exciting and inspiring days!


See the pictures


Listen to the radio reports on the conference on the Austrian National Radio Ö1:


Leporello, 3.11.: Kunst und Aktivismus. Gestaltung: Anna Soucek


Morgenjournal, 30.10.: Ukraine: the artist as activist in public space. Gestaltung: Sabine Oppolzer

Conference video and a summary of the two days coming soon! 


SPACES Book Publication

Our Ukrainian SPACES partner CSM published the book “Art in the city: connections and gaps”.


It examines interactions among artists and their physical surroundings, i.e. the city, and artists and urban populations in Kiev, picturing a utopian cultural institution in Kiev’s’ city centre and a participatory project in one of Kiev’s main sleeping districts.


You can download it here for free.  

SPACES Conference Vienna

October 30 and 31st, 2014
Join our final SPACES Conference in Vienna!
Under the main title “The artist as activist in public space: Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine”, speakers from 12 countries share their experiences and reflections with the Vienna audience.
Detailed Programme

Detailed Programme (in German language)
Background to the Conference

Concept Paper (in German language)
Press text (in German language)

Speakers of the Conference 

Speakers (in German language)

Best of Oikodrom

Oikodrom put together a paper of all publications released in the last 20 years. The publication consists of articles, films and project descriptions. 


Best of Oikodrom


Mulierem Fortem

Join our Mulierem fortem discussion on January 27th, 2014, at the University Vienna. See the programme and read about the project. More


Publication: "Gemeinsam für nachhaltige Entwicklung"

We proudly announce that the reports of our interns Laura Liebel and Florian Kabinger were printed in the OeAD publication "Gemeinsam für nachhaltige Entwicklung". For orders please visit: StudienVerlag.

More information see Young Science at Oikodrom and Nopoor project.


Mulierem Fortem

Join our Round table on January 15th, 5pm, Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien, and our Discussion on January 27th, 7pm, Universität Wien, to talk about science, art and gender during the Vienna University´s 650 jubilee in 2015. Read more


Nopoor in the Austrian magazine SUEDWIND

Read the article "Armut im Fokus" (Ivanceanu/ Tagesen) about challenges and potentialities of communication between science and politics.



Our online TV presents art works, performances, public lectures and artistic videos from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Watch SPACESTV


Come to Berlin and see: Every 7th person

The Konfuzius-Institut in Berlin invites to a documentary series on China. "Jeder siebte Mensch" / "Every 7th person" (see the trailer) by Ina Ivanceanu will be screened on Thursday, November 28th 2013 at 6pm. More


nopoor in the Austrian newspaper "Der Standard"

About nopoor - A common way to a new under- standing of poverty and strategies for dissemination of scientific results. Read the article


nopoor in the Austrian newspaper "Wiener Zeitung"

Heidi Dumreicher was invited to write a guest commentary: "Proteste in Brazilien - eine Fortsetzung des Kampfs gegen Armut"


Gemeinsam für nachhaltige Entwicklung - The future we want

Oikodrom was again happy to welcome eight students in the age of 16-18 to one month of science, theory, research, practice and discussion. Read more


Hot off the press:

Read the SPACES Article "Der Traum vom Raum" by Ina Ivanceanu, published in the SUEDWIND Magazine Nr. 7-8 July 2013


nopoor Conference Flash, Rio de Janeiro, June 2013

Protests in Brazil: Successes and failures in national efforts to fight poverty in Brazil



nopoor project annual meeting

10-12 June 2013

in Rio de Janeiro



SPACES: „Architecture of Common“

SPACES Caravan Ukraine; Kyiv
May 23 - May 28, 2013

Public events, discussions, workshops at Yunist factory



OUT NOW: Hammam Rehablitiation Reader


Dumreicher: Article on SPACES

Heidi Dumreicher (2013): SPACES. Räume in Zeiten des Wandels: In: Umweltdachverband/FORUM Umweltbildung (Hg.): Jahrbuch Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung 2013. FORUM Umweltbildung, Wien. More


Wiener Charta Gespräch Migrapass

Oikodrom organised a Wiener Charta Gespräch (Wiener Charta Talk) about the future potential of the EU-Project Migrapass. The results are available online.


SPACES: Public Talks in Yerevan

The participatory art and culture program Public Talks took place in Yerevan, Armenia, from Oct. 8- Oct.12, 2012, with debates on arts in society, revival of public spaces in the city, architecture workshops and guided tours, all focussing on Modernism and/after the Soviets.


Rio +20 - Jugendliche ziehen Bilanz

The project Rio+20 was carried out successfully

To the project


Digital Gallery of Sustainability Research

Dr. Heidi Dumreicher in the Community of "Open Science 4Sustainability"

To the Interview


The Vienna Institute for Urban Sustainability

Global Network for Future Sustainable Settlements





Oikodrom creates mental and physical spaces where change can come about.


Oikodrom is a private research institute founded in 1994 by Heidi Dumreicher. It generates future images and strategies for human settlements in countries all over the world - from Europe to China and to the Mediterranean Islamic countries - under a concept of strong sustainability.
The Oikodrom-team creates mental and physical spaces where change can come about. The emerging future scenarios contribute to the creation of systemic knowledge as well as to the participatory implementation of sustainability processes in human settlements.


Oikodrom Scientific Concept/Approach:

Oikodrom follows the definition of strong sustainability as an ideal concept for actual change towards sustainable societal and material processes.

Human Settlements: The interdisciplinary research process focuses on given societal and environmental local systems, from small neighbourhoods and villages to big towns and cities.

Theory and Practice: When starting the local sustainability processes, the team generates theses and theories for the emerging research field of sustainability. Thereby we discuss the role of the scientists, and work on future scenarios and a common vocabulary - the thesaurus of sustainability.

Interdisciplinary Research: The interdisciplinary cooperation is a basic precondition for sustainability research. The complexity of societal, economical and material processes demands for scientific knowledge of several disciplines for present and future sustainability oriented changes.

Transdisciplinary Research: Sustainability research has its local expressions, and participation of dwellers is indispensable. The combination of local and scientific expert knowledge assures sustainability oriented solutions.

Multicultural Research: The multicultural research network around Oikodrom strengthens the global approach to the complex issue of sustainability.


Oikodrom works within the frame of a cooperation contract with the Vienna University since 2012 .